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Infrastructure, Containers and Cloud Native

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Advanced CLOUDINFRA — 3 Tage

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This training offers routes to the realization of dynamic cloud-native architectures. In addition, typical concepts of current container managers are shown, along with how they can be used for the realization of common quality standards for large web applications.

Microservices, containers and container managers have in recent years greatly changed the way software is conceived, developed and brought into production. Modern applications must function in a cluster of multiple nodes and be dynamically placeable, scalable, and fault-tolerant.

Participants in a workshop.

Participants will learn routes to the realization of dynamic cloud-native architectures, container application design, logging/monitoring/alerting, container-native storage as well as possibilities for UI integration. In addition, typical concepts of current container managers are shown, along with how they can be used for the realization of common quality standards for large web applications.

Your Benefits

Essential tools for the cloud-based operation of web applications

»Full-stack« competence: technical knowledge, market overview and use cases

Competitive advantages, both in the modernization of long-standing systems as well as in the design of new »greenfield« systems


Developers and architects with practical experience in the design and development of small to medium-sized software systems. Some practical experience in the servicing or ongoing development of software systems as well as with containers and their deployment is advantageous.

Training Objectives

Understand current Cloud Infrastructures and the concepts of Containers and Kubernetes

Know what Cloud Native means and the consequences of this

Understand the changes required by development and CI/CD with the Cloud

Know how to make internal states of systems visible (observability)

Learn modern and flexible architecture concepts (CQRS, Microservices, SCS)

Know how to apply patterns of OOP and resiliency to Containers

Learn about ways to automate

Your Trainers

Christopher Schmidt


Cloud migration, Kubernetes, author of the iSAQB CLOUDINFRA curriculum

Christopher is a senior consultant at INNOQ Schweiz and has been involved in software development for more than 20 years. During this time, he has successfully brought numerous software and modernization projects into production. His main focus is on current front-/backend technologies and highly scalable architectures. His passion is NoSQL and Kubernetes.

Anja Kammer


DevOps, Cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes

Anja Kammer works as Senior Consultant at INNOQ and creates cloud-native web applications. She deals with deployment automation and CI/CD systems in particular.

Sebastian Schwaiger


Cloud Native, distributed systems

Sebastian Schwaiger associates himself with Generation Cloud Native. He thinks in scalable architectures for distributed applications. He is always interested in how the entire application works - from the macro to the micro level, from the infrastructure to the front end.

Sascha Selzer


Backend architecture, Continuous Delivery, deployment strategy

Sascha Selzer works as a senior consultant at INNOQ. He has many years of experience in development with JVM based languages and in software architecture. His current focus is on the design and implementation of backend architectures, as well as continuous delivery/deployment strategies. He is also involved in cloud related topics such as monitoring and tracing solutions as well as related architecture and development paradigms (microservices, devops).

Technical Information and Books


GitOps is a way of implementing Continuous Deployment for cloud native applications. It focuses on a developer-centric experience when operating infrastructure, by using tools developers are already familiar with, including Git and Continuous Deployment tools. More info

Kubernetes Resource Management

Over the last couple of years Kubernetes has arguably become the most popular infrastructure platform with a rapidly growing ecosystem. This practical guide shows you how to optimize the configuration of your Kubernetes cluster so that they run your workloads as efficiently as possible.

Service Mesh – The New Infrastructure for Microservices

Microservices are still the most hyped software architecture. However, they cause additional complexity for operations. Service meshes are the latest technology to solve this problem. This primer explains what a service mesh is, shows reasons to use one, and give a complete executable example with Istio. It discusses also alternatives like Linkerd 2, Consul, and AWS App Mesh and when to use them.

Continuous Delivery – A Pragmatic Guide

Continuous Delivery allows for faster and more reliable deployment of software in production. The foundation is a Continuous Delivery pipeline that automates the deployment process. This enables a reproducible, low-risk process to bring new releases into production. The book is a 100% practical guide to building Continuous Delivery pipelines that automate rollouts, improve reproducibility, and dramatically reduce risk. It introduces a proven Continuous Delivery technology stack, including Docker, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, Graphite, the ELK stack, JBehave, and Gatling. The book guides you through applying these technologies throughout build, continuous integration, load testing, acceptance testing, and monitoring. Wolff’s start-to-finish example projects offer the basis for your own experimentation, pilot programs, and full-fledged deployments.

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