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iSAQB® and Our Contribution

The International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB®) brings together leading experts from industry, consulting companies, and science. This includes many people of distinction in the world of software architecture. And all with one goal: competent education and further training – internationally recognized, standardized, certified, and always up to date. We are proud that many of us as curators in iSAQB® have jointly masterminded the curricula and examination tasks.

Training according to iSAQB® – A Short Guide

The job title "software architect" is not protected, and the role is interpreted and practiced differently in every company. This makes it all the more important to specify the direction – with an internationally recognized certification. Then everyone can orient themselves around it, regardless of whether they want to follow this career path themselves or are looking to strengthen their team with competent talent.

The iSAQB® CPSA® (Certified Professional for Software Architecture) program consists of two training levels, with a third in the planning stage:

Foundation Level

With this certification, you prove that you have mastered the foundations of software architecture and all required tools. You can independently design the architecture of a system, document it, ensure its quality, and evaluate it.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level certification proves a high level of expertise. It is modularly constructed and divided into three fields of competence: methodical, technical, and communicative. You can solve demanding tasks, assume technical responsibility, and communicate your architecture in an understandable and convincing manner.

Expert Level

The Expert Level is currently in the planning stage as an additional and highest certification level. Our experts are involved in the development of this new level.

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iSAQB® CPSA® – At A Glance

Download iSAQB® CPSA® at a glance

The Credit Points System

17 Advanced Modules, 3 Subject Areas, 70 Credit Points.

The credit points are the prerequisite for your participation in the examination to become a Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Advanced Level (CPSA®‑A).

As a rule of thumb for the calculation, the following applies: Each training day is awarded with 10 credit points. However, a maximum of 30 credit points are available for a single training course, even if lasts longer than three days. Once awarded, credit points are valid indefinitely.

You require at least 70 credit points in total. However, you must have been awarded at least 10 credit points in each of the three competence areas. So when choosing your modules you can, for example, focus on the methodical competence, but you must also enroll in modules from the fields of technology and communication.

By the way: As we are an accredited training provider of iSAQB®, you receive credit points from all the iSAQB® modules offered by us.


What do I need to receive certification for the Advanced Level?

Firstly, you need to have successfully completed the training and certification for CPSA®-F (Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level). In addition, you need at least three years' full-time professional experience in the IT industry. This includes collaborating on the design and development of at least two different IT systems (or similar, such as collaboration in open-source projects).

Once you have additionally collected the 70 credit points required, you can register for the exam. You can find more information here.

How does the Advanced Level exam work?

You must successfully complete an examination task and answer the questions of two independent examiners provided by iSAQB®.

Here you can find an example of a possible task and here the official examination rules.

Do I still receive a certificate of attendance for Advanced Level training courses if I arrive late or have to finish early?

If you have attended at least 75 percent of the Advanced Level training course, this is no problem. If however you complete less than this, then the credit points available for the course unfortunately cannot be awarded. You must repeat either the entire training course or the missing sections in order to receive the credit points. This rule also applies in cases where the absence is out of your control (e.g., illness, accident, traffic delays, etc.).

Can I also take part in Advanced Level training courses without having been certified?

Ja! You can participate in Advanced Level training courses even if you do not have Foundation Level certification and/or are not aiming for Advanced Level certification. You will certainly learn valuable skills for your day-to-day work.

I have lost my certification or my certificate of attendance. Can it be reissued?

Yes. Please contact the certification body that conducted your examination, or iSAQB® directly. You can request a copy of your certificate within a period of 10 years of the examination date. We are happy to reissue certificates of attendance.

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