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From Legacy to Cloud Native

Cloud migration is the process of moving workloads, data, applications, and processes to a cloud environment. In most cases, resources are moved from an on-premises data center to a cloud vendor. Sometimes the shift is from one cloud provider to another.

The reasons for this are manifold. Some companies hope for reduced costs, some for more flexibility, and sometimes regulations force you to use more than one cloud provider. Whatever the reason, simply moving to the cloud is not always a sufficient approach. By taking a few advanced steps, the benefits and promise of the cloud can be much better realized. But part of the truth is that moving to the cloud places new demands on the business and requires change. A change that is not always easy for companies with a long and successful IT history.

In this training, we would like to show you what the terms Cloud Native and Cloud Native Development actually mean and what consequences should be derived from them. We then point out the challenges of such a migration and give recommendations for a step-by-step approach. Of course, the security of the environments and data must not be ignored. We provide information on the security aspects that need to be taken into account. Finally, we formulate migration patterns that describe best practices gained in many migration projects.

Your Benefits

Competitive advantages, both in the cloud migration of existing systems as well as in the design of new systems

Multilayer expertise: concepts for production, organizational improvements and flexible SW-architectures

Recommendations and best practices for your cloud migration project

Solutions for regulated organizations


Architects and IT managers who are involved in cloud migration initiatives or are planning a cloud migration and have already become familiar with the challenges that can arise in such a transition.

Training Objectives

Understand the organizational and cultural change required to best benefit from the cloud

Know what Cloud Native and Cloud Native Development actually means and the consequences of this

Know the most common solutions of a Cloud for regulated organizations (FINMA, BAFIN)

Understand the many different layers of security to be considered and best practices to ensure them

Know best practices, patterns and recommendations for a step-by-step Cloud Migration approach

Learn modern and flexible architecture concepts (CQRS, Microservices, SCS)

Learn about processes and organizational measures for automation and continuous delivery

Gain basic knowledge of current cloud infrastructures, Containers and Kubernetes

Your Trainers

Christopher Schmidt


Cloud migration, Kubernetes, author of the iSAQB CLOUDINFRA curriculum

Christopher is a senior consultant at INNOQ Schweiz and has been involved in software development for more than 20 years. During this time, he has successfully brought numerous software and modernization projects into production. His main focus is on current front-/backend technologies and highly scalable architectures. His passion is NoSQL and Kubernetes.

In-House Training

You can also book this training as an in-house training course exclusively for your team. Please use the enquiry form for more details.

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