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Architecture Evaluation

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Advanced ARCEVAL — 2 days

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Reflect Software Architectures

Architecture assessment is an essential tool for gaining security in architecture design and for developing existing solutions or solution approaches in a focused and sustainable manner. Or for discarding them on an informed basis. Above all, architecture assessment promotes communication and transparency. This makes it an ideal tool in contemporary approaches when used correctly.


  • What are architecture assessments, architecture reviews or software reviews and what their approaches?

  • What are the benefits and objectives of architecture assessments?

  • How do you work out an assessment benchmark?

  • How to refine qualitative requirements in quality scenarios (utility tree)?

  • What are the benefits of the ATAM - Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method?

  • How does workshop-based architecture assessment work in practice?

  • When alternative assessment methods (such as DCAR, PBAR, CBAM, TARA) useful?

  • What do static and dynamic analysis tools do for the assessment of existing system (parts)?

  • How do you prepare the results of an assessment?

  • How to embed assessment methods in (agile) development processes?

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Your Benefits

In-depth knowledge of the subject

Assessment precisely fitting your field

Clarity of risks and compromises in your projects

Transparency vis-à-vis important stakeholders

Interaction with review experts


This workshop is primarily aimed at architects and designers who wish to utilize architectural assessment in their work. Interested developers, for example from the field of agile software development, and technical project managers will also gain valuable motivation. Knowledge in the field of architectural styles and design principles as well as practical experience in software architecture and development is an advantage.

Training Objectives

Explain benefits and goals of assessments and reviews

Create the foundations for an assessment

Demarcate qualitative and quantitative methods

Collate and concretize quality requirements

Classify and adapt ATAM and know alternatives

Prepare and undertake assessment workshops

Exploit and pursue results

Embed assessments in your projects

Your Trainers

Stefan Toth

Evolutionäre Architektur, Agile Organisationen, ADES

Technical Information and Books

Microservices (architecture cheat sheet No. 3)

Die dritte Ausgabe unserer Architekturspicker zeigt auf, welche Prinzipien und Rahmenbedingungen der Architekturstil bedingt und wie Ihr diese gut vorbereitet angehen könnt. Welche der bereitgestellten Lösungen könnten für Euren Systemkontext geeignet sein und welche Kompromisse müsst Ihr bereit sein einzugehen? Download & Infos

Architecture Reviews (architecture cheat sheet No. 4)

Architektur-Reviews schaffen Transparenz in der Softwareentwicklung, identifizieren Risiken und decken Kompromisse auf. Mit der vierten Ausgabe unserer Architekturspicker bieten wir Euch einen fundierten Überblick zu dem Thema. Download & Infos

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