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-- Description

How to document and communicate software architecture?

Documentation as ballast? Effective documenting of the architecture helps you in the design of the software, manages the implementation, and results in an understandable and assessable solution. Appropriate documentation supports interaction within the team and vis-à-vis third parties. In this interactive workshop you will learn how the documentation of the architecture changes from a burdensome duty to an integral communication and work tool. Learn to concisely document architecture-relevant influencing factors and important decisions.

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-- Agenda

  • Introduction and motivation: Which goals do you pursue with architecture documentation?

  • Minimal architecture overview: What should be included? How is it produced?

  • Ingredients of architecture documentation: Decisions, concepts, diagrams …

  • Structure: Advantage of templates, arc42, and alternatives

  • Process: Target groups, selection of the components, documentation before vs. after

  • Tool selection: Popular options, their strengths and weaknesses, typical challenges

  • Evaluation of documentation: Review of standard conformity vs. usability

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95% of all participants would recommend this training.

-- Your Benefits

Security in the documenting of solution approaches

Avoiding typical pitfalls, such as concerning scope and level of detail

Ballast-free architectural overviews

Many templates, checklists, and practical tips

Discussion on current tool trends in documentation

-- Audience

This workshop is aimed at anyone who designs and develops software solutions, or who is significantly involved in their creation, for example in the role of product owner. The participants already have practical experience in IT projects. Knowledge of a specific technology or programming language is not required. Knowledge of UML is helpful but not essential.

-- Training Objectives

Explain goals and benefits of architecture documentation

Determine scope, structure, and approach according to the situation

Learn the standard notation and presentation tools

Appropriately document influencing factors

Produce meaningful representations

Document decisions transparently

Select tools and formats according to requirements

Give feedback on documentation results

-- Your Trainers

Stefan Zörner

Architekturdokumentation, Methodische Softwarearchitektur und Cloud-Anwendungen

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»The speaker is very good at picking up the participants and manages to present a dry topic in an exciting and entertaining way.«
Teilnehmer ADOC
(Training at an insurance company)

-- Technical Information and Books

The Architecture Overview (architecture cheat sheet No. 1)

You or your team are missing a compact overview of your existing software solution? You want to explain your architecture to new project members or cooperation partners? The source code is too »detailed« … The first edition of our Architecture cheat sheets supports you to get a high-level-overview of solution approaches in order to work effectively. Use the compact ingredients and fill your architecture overview with life – pragmatically and effectively. Download & Info

arc42 by Example: Software architecture documentation in practice

Software architecture documentation in practice Packt Publishing 1. Auflage Oktober 2019, gemeinsam mit G. Starke und M. Simons, R.D. Müller ISBN: 978-1839214356

Softwarearchitekturen pragmatisch dokumentieren – Eine kompakte Einführung in arc42

Effektiv, schmerzfrei und mit wenig Aufwand. Gernot Starke und Benjamin Wolf räumen mit einigen Vorurteilen gegen (technische) Dokumentation auf und zeigen Dir, wie Du auf einfache Weise zu vernünftiger (Architektur-)Dokumentation kommst.

Softwarearchitekturen dokumentieren und kommunizieren

Entwürfe, Entscheidungen und Lösungen nachvollziehbar und wirkungsvoll festhalten Hanser Fachbuch 2., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. Mai 2015 291 Seiten. Fester Einband ISBN: 978-3-446-44348-8

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