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Agile Software Architecture

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Advanced AGILA — 3 days

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How to accomplish effective architecture work in agile teams and projects

Architectures are increasingly developed in autonomous teams, and the technical, conceptual responsibility is more widely spread in modern organizations. Architectural concepts must dynamically adjust to the situations, and technological change should take place continuously and incrementally – in other words evolutionarily. New skills are therefore demanded of developers and architects encompassing not only technical but also methodological and communicative aspects.

Participants use Lego bricks to complete a team task

Experience in this training course how agile principles and ideas can be transferred to architectural work and how you can logically and efficiently enshrine architectural practices into agile approaches.


  • Introduction to agility: between hype, cargo cult, and pragmatic innovation

  • Architecture and agility: methodological principles of architectural work for an agile world

  • The architectural vision: the counter-model to big upfront design (BUFD)

  • Risk-oriented approach: iterative architectural configuration and ideas for prioritization

  • Architecture in the backlog: enshrining drivers of architecture in epics and stories

  • Qualitative tests: inspection and test of qualitative system properties

  • Architectural debt: dealing with technical debt at the architectural level

  • Architectural principles: unifying perspectives without constraining responsibility

  • Group decisions: models for efficient, joint consensus-building

  • The agile architect: modern role models for architects

  • Governance 2.0: agile scaling and architecture

  • Evolutionary architecture: agile development of systems and system landscapes

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Your Benefits

Methods, practical techniques, and helpful perspectives are brought alive during the training

Goal orientation and pragmatism for your projects

Promotes a common image of an architectural discipline oriented around influences from lean management and well embedded in agile projects

Apply agile principles and ideas to architectural work


This training is aimed above all at developers and architects who want to enshrine effective architectural work in agile teams and larger projects. Technical project managers and product owners will also receive valuable inspiration. Practical experience in the design and development of systems as well as an agile context in your work environment is advantageous.

Training Objectives

Methodological principles of architectural work for an agile world

Iterative architectural configuration and ideas for prioritization

Enshrining drivers of architecture in epics and stories

Dealing with technical debt at the architectural level

Models for efficient, joint consensus-building

Modern role models for architects

Agile scaling and architecture

Agile development of system and system landscapes

Your Trainers

Alexander Kaserbacher

Agile Software Architecture, Cloud-native Architecture

Stefan Toth

Evolutionäre Architektur, Agile Organisationen, ADES

Falk Sippach

Architekturbewertungen, Java Experte

Our Customers Say

»This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended! It was not a dull express preparation for an exam, but really focused on knowledge transfer and practical application through (role) games and group work. This is exactly the kind of seminar I would like to have more of (for myself and my colleagues).«
Christian Helmbold
Senior Developer at iSAX GmbH & Co.KG

Technical Information and Books

Architecture and Agility with Stefan Toth - Software Architecture in the Stream

Architecture is stable, software development is agile - there are constantly new requirements and new sprints with new plans. How do these two worlds fit together? In this episode Stefan Toth discusses these and other questions about agility and architecture - from team to company level. Youtube

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Softwarearchitektur wird in agilen Kontexten dynamischer, kleinteiliger, verteilter. Agile Denkweise bringt Cross-Funkionalität, Iterativität und Flexibiltät. Dadurch verändert sich die Architekturdisziplin. In großen Entwicklungsvorhaben sind Kommunikation und ad-hoc Entscheidungen schwieriger. Wie ist agile Architekturarbeit hier sinnvoll möglich? Die 6. Ausgabe unseres Architektur-Spickers fasst die wichtigsten Aspekte zusammen. Download & Infos

Vorgehensmuster für Software-Architektur

Kombinierbare Praktiken in Zeiten von Agile und Lean Hanser Fachbuch 3., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. September 2019 504 Seiten. Fester Einband ISBN: 978-3446460041

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