Improving Software Quality through Data

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-- Description

In this workshop we together analyze data-driven software systems as well as the surrounding processes and organization in order to uncover weak points in the development and operation. As our foundation we use best practices and methodologies from the field of data science.

For the undertaking of our analysis we use open-source analysis tools. You can use these yourself after the workshop without charge. Thanks to the large community behind these tools, an abundance of tips and further knowledge will be at hand.

-- Your Benefits

Make better-founded decisions! Provide information not grabbed out of thin air but based on actual figures, data, and facts

Maintain a systematic overview of your systems! The ability to analyze software in an understandable and automated way is essential for the long-term operation of modern system landscapes

Use your learned knowledge in fields other than software development! Push forward your company in other fields as well with your data-oriented analysis

-- Audience

Software developers, software architects, and anyone who has wanted to analyze data with a programming language and who has some experience of software development. Basic knowledge of a programming language (variables, methods, loops, assignments, etc.) is required.

-- Training Objectives

Use standard tools from data science for the analysis of software data

Work on problems in software development in a data-driven, methodological, and structured way

Draw action-oriented conclusions from the results of the analysis

Communicate analyses and insights in a way that is understandable for non-techies

-- Your Trainers

Markus Harrer

Software Analytics, software modernization, initiator cards42

-- Our Customers Say

»A great introduction to the topic that makes you want more.«
Andreas Biberacher
Java Software Architect / Engineer, T-Systems GmbH

-- Technical Information and Books

Software Reviews – Identifying Risks and Problems in Software

This practical guide shows you how software systems that have grown over many years can be effectively analyzed and evaluated. More Info

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