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Evolution and Improvement of software architectures

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Advanced IMPROVE — 3 days

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Systematic and Sustainable

Software architecture affects all members of a project and is intended to have a long operational life span. Improvements to the software architecture are therefore frequently required, whether as a result of new requirements or technological advances. In this training we’ll tackle the analysis of the existing software architecture, the identification of solution approaches, and the implementation of improvements.


  • Introduction and motivation: legacy and technical debt
  • Learn how to use practical analysis methods
  • Scenario and metric-based evaluation
  • Typical improvement approaches
  • Focusing: aligning measures with architectural goals
  • Structural improvement: recipes for refactoring
  • Learn to estimate and evaluate problems and solutions: Assess risks, costs, and benefits

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Your Benefits

Learn practical analysis and improvement methods

Align measures with architectural goals

Recipes for structural improvements


This training is aimed at software developers and architects who want to improve existing systems in a targeted way. You already have practical experience in software architecture and development. Knowledge of a specific technology or programming language is not required.

Training Objectives

Be able to undertake scenario- or metric-based evaluations

Know typical approaches for improvement

Align measures with architectural goals

Assess risks, costs and benefits

Knowledgeably classify modern approaches

Your Trainers

Stefan Zörner

Architekturdokumentation, Methodische Softwarearchitektur und Cloud-Anwendungen

Sven Johann

DevOps, program chair of GOTO Amsterdam

Markus Harrer

Software Analytics, software modernization, initiator cards42

Falk Sippach

Architekturbewertungen, Java Experte

Benjamin Wolf

Architecture documentation, software quality, software development process

Dr. Gernot Starke

Architecture improver, maintainer of arc42 and aim42

Our Customers Say

»An exciting and very professionally conducted seminar with a wide range of participants from different industries. Already one day after the seminar I was able to use the methods I had learned in my work. Even in the longer term, the time spent has had a positive effect on my approach to software development.«
Max Schümann
Software Developer at Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Technical Information and Books

Software-Architektur im Stream

Einmal in der Woche diskutiert Eberhard Wolff Software-Architektur im Live-Stream – oft zusammen mit einem Gast. Zuschauer:innen können über Chat, Twitter oder Formular mitdiskutieren oder Fragen stellen. Mehr Infos

Knigge für Softwarearchitekten

In diesem Buch zeigen wir Ihnen unterhaltsame und praxisgerechte Wege zu besseren Softwarearchitekturen – wirkungsvoll, zeitlos und technologieneutral! Sie finden typische Verhaltensmuster von Softwarearchitekten, gute und schlechte. Aus Erfolgsmuster lernen Sie, bessere Systeme zu konstruieren und effektiver zu arbeiten. Aus den »Anti-Patterns« leiten Sie Abhilfen gegen schlechte Architekturmanieren ab. Ein besonderes Augenmerk liegt auf der Evolution und der Änderung von Systemen.

Software Reviews – Identifying Risks and Problems in Software

This practical guide shows you how software systems that have grown over many years can be effectively analyzed and evaluated. More Info

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