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Since Covid-19, many people work from home. Typical team events are cancelled. With the »Remote Mob Programming Experience« INNOQ offers a unique team event that is a lot of fun and can be done from home.

The term »mob programming« has been defined by Woody Zuill as follows: Everyone in a team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same place and on the same computer. Remote mob programming uses a virtual Zoom room instead of a meeting room and the shared screen instead of a computer. In this way the team works together intensively.

We have been using this method very successfully in client projects for over two years now. We have publicized our experiences with it on a dedicated website and in articles, podcasts, and presentations. But these contributions provide only a limited impression of how remote mob programming really feels and how different the approach is from the traditional division of labor in software development.

We therefore developed a format that allows remote mob programming to be experienced – in the form of a one-day team event for five people. One of our facilitators – Dr. Simon Harrer, Jochen Christ, Martin Huber, or Franziska Dessart – takes on the role of the product owner, while the participants form the development team. By means of a humorous but realistic case study, everyone experiences a typical remote mob programming workday. Planning, conceiving, discussing, programming and even the writing of emails is all done together. But above all: learning and laughing together – just what the team needs to grow closer together.

Throughout the day, we use short retros to reflect on the process. The tools we use are Zoom for the video conference, Miro as the communal whiteboard, and mob for the Git handover. The programming language is determined by you. We promise: this day will be a lot of fun!

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Interested in the »Remote Mob Programming Experience« for your team? We offer the team event for a package price of €2,000 for a team of five people. Enquire now!


We meet each other in the morning for an icebreaker session on Zoom. Alongside some small talk we collate your questions on remote mob programming as well as your expectations of the day. We then make sure that the setup is working for everybody, and provide assistance in the event of technical problems. And then we start with the core of the training: we present to you the case study and the development team can get going! The remote mob programming workday ends with the writing of the check-in and a short final round. An example schedule looks like this:

  • 09:00 a.m. Icebreaker and setup
  • 09:30 to 12:30 p.m. Remote mob programming (incl. breaks as required)
  • 12:30 to 1:30 Lunch (60 min)
  • 1:30 to 4:30 Remote mob programming (incl. breaks as required)
  • 4:30 Write the check-in
  • 4:45 Final round
  • 5:00 End

Your Benefits

Get to know remote mob programming

Team building and training at the same time


A software development team being interested in trying out remote mob programming in an experiment. It doesn’t matter which programming languages you know and use. The event can take place in English or German.

Training Objectives

Evaluate remote mob programming individually and as a team

Learn and have fun together

Exchange of experience with the facilitators

Your Trainers

Jochen Christ


Self-contained Systems, Autor von

Jochen Christ is a Senior Consultant at INNOQ. He is an experienced software architect and Data Mesh specialist. He has supported over 10 companies in the introduction of Data Mesh. Jochen is co-author of, datamesh-governance, and

Dr. Simon Harrer


Passende Architektur, Clean Code, Remote Mob Programming

Dr. Simon Harrer is a Senior Consultant at INNOQ. He is a software developer at heart who has now turned to the dark side, namely the world of data. He co-authored and translated the Data Mesh book by Zhamak Dehghani into German. He is currently developing the Data Mesh Manager, a SaaS product to fast-track any data mesh initiative.

Joshua Töpfer


Remote Mob Programming

Joshua Töpfer ist Senior Consultant bei INNOQ. Seit über zwei Jahren arbeitet er ausschließlich mit der Methodik des Remote Mob Programming und entwickelt so verteilte Systeme und Webanwendungen. Er ist einer der Maintainer von und coacht regelmäßig Teams, die Remote Mob Programming ausprobieren wollen.

Technical Information and Books

Remote Mob Programming

Remote Mob Programming combines two ways of working: Mob Programming and working as a distributed team. Jochen Christ, Simon Harrer and Martin Huber share their experience with their working model - and why they don’t want to work differently anymore. Download

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You can also book this training as an in-house training course exclusively for your team. Please use the enquiry form for more details.

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