CPSA Foundation Level

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Foundation

2024-08-12 - 2024-08-15


CPSA-Foundation (Online) - Gerrit Beine - German - date confirmed


The Foundations of Software Architecture

In this training, you will learn how to create a good software architecture that can last for a long time because it adapts to change. Your trainer will give you helpful advice from practice and you will work on exercises that will give you a “Eureka!” moment. You will learn what drives the design of software, how to create a good structure for your software system, and how to evaluate different solutions. You will also get direct feedback from your trainer and be able to talk with other people in the training about your experiences. This training will teach you how to design software architectures in an exciting and engaging way and prepare you for successful certification.


  • Introduction and motivation: learn what software architecture is about
  • Contemporary approach: create an architecture incremental and iteratively
  • Context diagram: scope down the solution
  • Influences: identify quality goals and constraints
  • Big picture: learn architecture styles, patterns, and principles
  • Design structures: find modules and interfaces
  • Alternative solutions: make architectural decisions
  • Concepts: address cross-cutting concerns
  • Documentation: document your software architecture efficiently
  • Evaluation: assess your solutions

Your Trainers

Gerrit Beine


Agile methods and organizations

Gerrit has been working full-time in IT since 1998, with agile methods since 2001 and enjoys building bridges between software architecture and organizations. He has founded three companies and has been responsible for large projects as a software architect and consultant.

In addition to a degree in computer science, he also has a Master’s degree in Software Product Engineering and an MBA in General Management. He likes to combine his software architecture knowledge with insights from psychology and sociology.

Gerrit has been an active member of the iSAQB e.V. since 2011 and is accredited as a trainer for CPSA-Foundation and CPSA-A Domain-driven Design and as an examiner for the Advanced Level. Since 2008, he has been teaching software quality in the Master’s program at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau.

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