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Software Architecture – Methodological Basis

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Foundation — 4 days

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The Principles of Software Architecture

In this compact training you will see how appropriate software architecture is iteratively created and lasts for a long time. Insightful input from your coach is followed by a concrete undertaking, supported by exercises with a »eureka!« effect. Learn the essentials of architectural drivers, software design and the evaluation of solutions. Receive feedback and swap experiences with the other participants. We are able to impart to you in a lively way the methodological skills for contemporary software architecture while at the same time laying a solid foundation for your successful certification.


  • Introduction and motivation: What (exactly) is software architecture? And who uses it?
  • Contemporary approach: iterative architecture development
  • Context demarcation: marking out the solution
  • Influences: quality objectives and general framework
  • Big picture: styles, designs, and principles
  • Architectural vision: How much architecture up front?
  • Structure design: modularization and interfaces
  • Alternative solutions: making architectural decisions
  • Concepts: cross-sectional topics
  • Documentation: transparently documenting software architecture
  • Evaluation: sound securing of solutions

Happy Participants

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Your Benefits

Contemporary approach to the topic

Impetus for your work in the team as a software developer or architect

Short theoretical inputs and exercises in small groups provide variety

Lively exchange of experiences in group work in different formats


You should have some practical experience in professional software development in a team. In addition, basic knowledge of at least one programming language is an advantage, as is knowledge of UML, object orientation, and enabling technologies such as relational databases and networks.

Training Objectives

Perform iterative architecture development

Classify quality goals and framework conditions

Know styles, patterns and principles

Structural design: know modularization and interfaces

Reach and document architectural decisions

Develop concepts and consider cross-cutting issues

Validate solution approaches in a well-founded manner

Completion of iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture - Foundation Level

Your Trainers

Alexander Kaserbacher

Agile Software Architecture, Cloud-native Architecture

Stefan Zörner

Architekturdokumentation, Methodische Softwarearchitektur und Cloud-Anwendungen

Sven Johann

DevOps, program chair of GOTO Amsterdam

Stefan Tilkov

Software architecture, Author »REST und HTTP«

Markus Harrer

Software Analytics, software modernization, initiator cards42

Falk Sippach

Architekturbewertungen, Java Experte

Benjamin Wolf

Architecture documentation, software quality, software development process

Gerrit Beine

Agile methods and organizations

Dr. Gernot Starke

Architecture improver, maintainer of arc42 and aim42

Our Customers Say

»I would like to emphasize the very high quality of your seminar once again. The many exercises and the relaxed and dynamic interaction made the material come alive in a certain way. At the same time, we were able to benefit from the experiences and perspectives of the other seminar participants. Already during the seminar, I was able to incorporate the contents directly into the revision of a system design and thus build the system on a much more stable foundation.«
Tom Medak
Developer, GISA GmbH

Technical Information and Books

Software-Architektur im Stream

Einmal in der Woche diskutiert Eberhard Wolff Software-Architektur im Live-Stream – oft zusammen mit einem Gast. Zuschauer:innen können über Chat, Twitter oder Formular mitdiskutieren oder Fragen stellen. Mehr Infos

Software Reviews – Identifying Risks and Problems in Software

This practical guide shows you how software systems that have grown over many years can be effectively analyzed and evaluated. More Info

Zertifizierung für Softwarearchitekten

Dieses kleine Büchlein erläutert die wesentlichen Themen des iSAQB Lehrplans in kompakter Form und erklärt die Modalitäten der Foundation-Level Prüfung. Es ersetzt kein Lehrbuch!

Effektive Softwarearchitekturen – Ein praktischer Leitfaden

Der bekannte Leitfaden von Gernot Starke unterstützt angehende Softwarearchitekt:innen bei der Vorbereitung auf die iSAQB CPSA-Foundation-Zertifizierung – und liegt hier in der neunten Auflage vor. In über 400 Seiten und 16 klar strukturierten Kapiteln lernen Leserinnen und Leser alle prüfungsrelevanten Grundlagen.

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