Web Security

Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Advanced WEBSEC — 2024-06-17 - 2024-06-19


WEBSEC (Online) - Christoph Iserlohn - German - Date guaranteed


Develop Secure Web Applications

The operation of a software system is always accompanied by the risk of an attack, be it the exploitation of weaknesses in the libraries, negligence, or social engineering. Web applications accessible globally are particularly exposed to a wide range of attacks. The WEBSEC advanced module enables you to recognize typical attack methods, assess risks in the development of web applications and prevent them with a clean architecture and clear communication.

Your Trainers

Christoph Iserlohn


Scalability and security, host of INNOQ’s Security Podcast

Christoph Iserlohn is a senior consultant at INNOQ. He has many years of experience in the development and architecture of distributed systems. His main focus is on the topics of scalability, availability, and security.

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