Sketchnotes in IT

2024-09-30 - 2024-09-30


Sketchnotes in der IT (Online) - Lisa Maria Moritz - Termingarantie


We all take countless notes in our day-to-day work. Be it from presentations, meetings or to understand complex tasks. Unfortunately, most of these notes suffer from the “long and illegible” syndrome, which is why they quickly end up in the waste paper - so they can no longer help us to remember the important things for which we created them.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to take a different kind of note: Sketchnotes. You will find out what advantages they have and in which areas of your everyday work you can integrate them.

During the workshop, you will get to know the core elements of sketchnotes, get tips on how to get started with sketchnoting and learn some useful symbols.

To the pens, get set, go!

As a goodie for the workshop, you will receive the book “Sketchnotes in der IT” by Lisa Maria Moritz.

The image shows a sketchnote about the main basics of sketchnotes. In four parts it shows the topics: "What are Sketchnotes?", "Why Sketchnotes?", "How is a Sketchnote created?" and "Where to use Sketchnotes?"


  • What are sketchnotes?
  • How do sketchnotes differ from graphic recording?
  • Where can sketchnotes be used?
  • How can you get started with sketchnoting?

Your Trainers

Lisa Maria Moritz


Full-stack development, frontend architecture, sketchnotes

Lisa is manager for product and marketing at socreatory, where she not only is a trainer, but is also in charge of marketing and conception of all trainings. Before she dealt with software architecture as well as development mainly in web-environment, while she worked with backend as well as frontend. Since June 2020 she’s engaged in “Softwarearchitektur im Stream”.

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