Domain-driven Design for Managers

2024-12-06 - 2024-12-06


Domain-driven Design for Managers - Michael Plöd - German


This workshop is aimed at giving people in leadership positions an overview of Domain-driven Design (DDD) and its relevance of IT delivery organizations. The workshop will have a strong focus on the following topics: 

  • Collaboration between development teams and domain experts

  • Similarities between DDD and other practices such as agile, DevOps and (digital) product design

  • Strategic Domain-driven Design and its impact in terms of identifying boundaries for systems and teams as well as making good staffing and make or buy decisions

  • Aligning software architecture, business architecture and teams

  • How applying DDD can help you to plan and conduct the transformation of an IT landscape which has grown over time and which needs to be modernized towards faster release cycles with higher quality and an decrease of cross-team coordination

The workshop will contain explanations by the trainer as well as some exercises which will help you to reflect on the topics taught. There will also be plenty of time for questions and discussions in the group.


  • Introduction and Overview of Domain-driven Design

  • Why iterations and collaboration matter: the culture of Domain-driven Design

  • Problem vs Solution Space

  • The key building blocks of strategic DDD: Domains, Subdomains, Bounded Contexts

  • How teams should identify the key building blocks mentioned above

  • Categories for Subdomains and their relevance for staffing and “make or buy” decisions as well as strategic planning for the future

  • How to align software architecture along domain boundaries (business architecture) and teams and why this is a good idea to do

Your Trainers

Michael Plöd


Domain-driven Design, EventStorming, software architecture

Michael works a a Fellow for INNOQ. He has over 15 years of practical consulting experience in software development and -architecture. His main areas of interest are currently Domain-driven Design, Event Sourcing, Microservices and presentation techniques for developers and architects. Michael is the author of the book »Hands-on Domain-driven Design – by example« on Leanpub and translated Team Topologies (by Skelton & Pais).

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