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Microservices: Architecture, Implementation and Production


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In this workshop, we split a domain into several microservices using domain-driven design. Then we decide on the communication and integration with e.g. REST and  bring the application into production on Kubernetes. Finally, we take care of the monitoring and logging. The tutorial uses a simple example to show how to bring a concrete microservices application  into production including  the  architecture and implementation. The sample code is available on GitHub, so that you can follow the ideas on your own laptop after the tutorial. The sample code is available on GitHub, so that you can follow the ideas on your own laptop after the tutorial. The samples are in Java but the discussed concepts are language independent.


I. Intro: What are Microservices?

II. Structuring the Domain with Domain-driven Design

        - Domain-driven Design (DDD): Splitting the Domain into Bounded Context

        - Core Strategic Design patterns

        - Context Map: Overview of the domain

        - Customer / Supplier and Published Language as examples for the interaction of Bounded Contexts

III Microservice with Independent Systems Architecture

        - Best Practices for Microservices: Independent Systems Architecture

        - Division into micro and macro architecture

IV Technical Basics: Docker, REST and Kubernetes

        - Building Docker Containers

        - Asynchronous integration with REST, Atom, and feeds

        - Kubernetes as a runtime environment

        - Difference from the Netflix stack and Consul

        - Service disocvery, load balancing and routing with Kubernetes

V. Operations and more with the service mesh Istio

        - Istio as an example for a service mesh

        - Istio‹s features

                -Monitoring with Grafana and Prometheus

                - Tracing with Jaeger (demo)

                - Resilience with Envoy and Istio (Demo)


The workshop is suitable for everyone who has a basic knowledge of software development and software architecture and is interested in microservices.

Your Trainers

Eberhard Wolff


Architecture, Microservices, Domain-driven Design

Eberhard Wolff has 15+ years of experience as an architect and consultant – often on the intersection of business and technology. He is a Fellow at INNOQ in Germany. As a speaker, he has given talks at international conferences and as an author, he has written more than 100 articles and books e.g. about Microservices, Technologies for Microservices, and Continuous Delivery. His technological focus is on modern architectures – often involving Cloud, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, or Microservices.

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