Advanced Full-Stack JavaScript

Training 2 days

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-- Description

Master JavaScript – in Frontend and Backend

You already have a lot of experience with a programming language like Java in the backend and know several frameworks? And now you want to be able to master JavaScript at the same high level?

This training will give you a deep understanding of the programming language JavaScript and how to successfully use it in projects – both in the frontend and the backend. It covers more than just the basics – you will learn how to correctly use the powerful language elements of JavaScript. For well-maintainable, tough, and performant applications.

We switch continuously between practical exercises and theory, so that you can try out everything you have learned straight away. Small groups ensure that our coaches are always able to support you.

Four people at work sitting together at a table working on laptops, including Lisa Maria Moritz and Lucas Dohmen, both consultants at INNOQ and coaches of the JavaScript training courses.

-- Your Benefits

Not only know JavaScript, but finally properly master it

»Full-stack« competence in backend and frontend

Advanced knowledge to correctly understand and use technologies such as React, AngularJS, and Express

Modern web technologies based on, assessed with, and used with JavaScript

-- Audience

Programming knowledge in a common object-oriented language and basic knowledge of command lines are required. An understanding of the version control system Git is also helpful.

-- Training Objectives

Functions from top to toe

Map, Reduce, and others

Prototypical inheritance

Concurrency with only one thread: async/await, promises, and callbacks

JavaScript in a browser and on a server

Modularization and package management

UI components (web components, custom elements)

Important core concepts

-- Your Trainers

Dr. Lars Hupel

Full-stack development, functional programming, co-author of iSAQB’s BLOCKCHAIN curriculum

Lisa Maria Moritz

Full-stack development, frontend architecture, sketchnotes

Lucas Dohmen

Full-stack development, author »The Rails 6 Way«

Tobias Eckardt

Frontend architecture

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