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Training iSAQB® CPSA®-Advanced BLOCKCHAIN — 3 days

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Consensus in Decentralized Applications

This training provides a balanced, technical view of blockchain technologies. It considers both public cryptocurrencies and company-focused distributed ledgers.

The umbrella term »blockchain« describes an array of emerging technologies for the architecture of distributed systems. One feature of all of them is that there is little trust between the parties involved, although consensus over the saved data and executed procedures has been able to be established. Blockchain technologies were originally used for cryptocurrencies. Since then however many other applications of use have emerged in which manipulation-proof decentralized data storage is necessary. You can find more information on this on our topic page »The Blockchain«.

Dr. Lars Hupel presenting a workshop

The blockchain syllabus provides a deep understanding of the underlying technology in order to then apply this to a wide range of problem areas. Participants will be in a position to make informed decisions if, and which, blockchain technology is appropriate. Dr. Lars Hupel (INNOQ) helped to develop the blockchain syllabus for iSAQB and also conducts some of the workshops.

Your Benefits

Advanced knowledge of blockchain-based architectures creates competitive advantages

Evaluate blockchain for your own business models

Recognize when a blockchain-based solution is not suitable

»Full-stack« competence: Technical knowledge, market overview, and use cases

Knowledge of cryptography, consensus mechanisms and distributed systems can be used gainfully in all disciplines of software development and architecture


This training is aimed at developers and architects. As a prerequisite you should have basic knowledge of any modern programming language and a database. Knowledge of cryptography is not required and will be imparted during the workshop if necessary.

Training Objectives

Blockchain as a bundle of technologies with different architectural decisions

Basic knowledge of the technological principles

Opportunities and risk of the depiction of business processes in smart contracts

Identification of new design types and their effects on the decentralization and trustworthiness of software

Transfer of traditional development and architectural technologies to blockchain systems

Readiness assessment and decision criteria for and against blockchain

Classification and assessment of concrete blockchain implementations

Your Trainers

Stefan Tilkov

Software architecture, Author »REST und HTTP«

Technical Information and Books

Blockchain – Eine Kette der Möglichkeiten

Blockchain – Lösung aller Probleme der Menschheit oder absurder Hype? Weder noch: Für manche An­forderungen passt die Blockchain und für andere eben nicht. Lars Hupel und Stefan Tilkov erläutern die Grund­lagen von Blockchain-Technologien und geben einen Ausblick auf bestehende und mögliche ­weitere Anwendungsfälle, um das Potenzial der Technologie zu zeigen.

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